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What follows is an attempt to create an online version of pentominoes using nothing more than JavaScript and HTML. So beware it has a few awkward features!

This will only work for IEX users...
The twelve pentominoes can be individually moved around the page. They can be arranged in the grid below to help solve many of the existing pentomino puzzles ones
'X' 'I'
'V' 'U' 'T' 'W' 'P' flip H
'S' flip H 'Y' flip H 'L' flip H 'F' flip H 'Z' flip H
To move any selected pentomino, hold down the left mouse button and drag.
Ctrl-click with the mouse on any selected pentomino to rotate it 90°
Flip (flip H) asymmetric pentominoes, only after rotation, to finally set in place.
(sort of... move, rotate, flip, set in place, re-flip!)
10X20 Polyomino Puzzle Pad
  1. This is a 'kludged' together composite of three JavaScripts,
  2. It has a few strange features that affect its performance.
  3. For the rotation to work the image .gifs needed to be made square, they are larger than they seem.
  4. Thus when in position they will overlap each other.
  5. The order the pieces are placed on the board determines their respective layer orders.
  6. So its "first on first off".
  7. You may need temporarily to move other pieces clear of the immediate work area in order to remove or alter the orientation of another piece.
  8. Moving or rotating a piece will undo a flip, so you will need to reflip it to set it in place.
  9. (The rotate and drag functions interfere with the operation of the flip function making it possible for a flip to be undone by straight clicking on the image!)
  10. It's a bit messy, but it will work for those who welcome the challenge!
  11. If anyone has any suggestions that would help make it work any better please let me know.
Enquiries welcome, please email Art Electric.
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