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Patrick Grim's website - visit it for the Philosophical Computer, a book that he co-authored. It has some useful references on fuzzy-logic. There are also some interesting online papers concerning the current direction that modern philosphers are taking.
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Roger Bagula's website - More fuzzy logic clues to be found here...and some poetry!
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Puzzles for the puzzler by genius Leonid Mochalov
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Paul Bourke's website - Fractals, FuzzyLogic, Attractors etc...
On F.Edward Boas' site there is a "Fractal Letters" page. Hereon is a cgi program that can turn any word, including your name into a fractal. This all in good fun, and a clever program to boot
Chilling! But also vital for clearing up the fog of the cold war. Carey Sublette's illustrated and comprehensive online guide to nuclear weapons. Much of what every thinking person really needs to know less what various governments have yet to reveal...Details the development of all known nuclear weapons programs from the 1940's up to the now.
Manhole and Cover
The Smokers' Home Companion...This profusely illustrated online domain, offers guidance and support for the heavy smoker who wishes to find and fight his or her own way out from the labyrinth of cigarette addiction. It's quite different...
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