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Circle limit 5 © 2001 Douglas Dunham
Dr D.Dunhams' erudite paper concerning the "Transformation of Hyperbolic Escher Patterns" his pioneering work expanding M.C.Eschers incredible art into the world of modern computers. Richly illustrated, and highly informative concerning hyperbolic geometry, a valuable resource and worthwhile place to visit.
poincare disc © 2001 D.joyce
D.Joyce's invaluable site on hyperbolic tessellations using the poincaré disc. The site includes an interactive java applet together with its source code. An essential introduction for all intending programmers.
poincare disc
A rich gallery of poincare (hyperbolic planar) disc tilings by Don Hatch.
Tessellations Logo © 2000 Robert Fathauer
Dr Robert Fathauers website, its motto is "Bringing together art and mathematics to make puzzling fun"! Informative and Instructive, loaded with useful references, puzzles and links. There is also a fascinating art gallery of fine tessellations, fractals, and tilings.
Horned Changos © 2001 Hollister David
Hops Pages:-- A truly unique site! Home to 'Delta Blocks', 'Escher' styled and other tessellations, computer art and much, much more including views and perceptions concerning our life and times. It is the nerve center for links to a multitude of related sites. A real treasure trove.
bird tessellation © 2004 David Bailey
David Bailey's World of Tessellations website, dedicated to excellence. It is also tutorial in its form and thus very useful for those wishing to learn more about creating tessellations. The images are superb. Well worth several visits.
dolphins © Andrew Compton
Andrew Cromptons website, a great assembly of vital information for those who love tessellations. A must visit. It has links to many other other curious sites...
Totally Tessellated...A very comprehensive tutorial on how to create tessellations. A great place to start...
Tessellating Bunny
Jill Britton is a mathteacher with a mission. Her site is labyrinthine, it is very easy to get lost inside it, the content quite kaleidoscopic. She has a tutorial for producing tessellations, if you can find it. It is a site for children of all ages (1 to 100 and beyond).
The official website of the late M.C.Escher, includes a virtual gallery of most of his art, Copyright concerns addressed etc. A vital and incredibly useful resource.
Droste Lady
The droste effect and the art of M.C.Escher. The white spot in Escher's print of "The Print Gallery" explored...
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