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Art electric describes itself as "An evolving site for displaying computer graphics, pentominos, fractals, fuzzy logic .... links to many themes...for some an exciting place to visit... A virtual magic carpet ride."

"How did Art/Electric get is name?"
The original web host for this site was angelfire.com. The site needed the appellation 'Art' as its prime directory and the subdirectories such as 'Computer' or 'Electronic' were already in use, 'Electric' however was free. Thus it was named through a simple quirk of circumstance.

"What is the motive for creating this site?"
From the beginning of personal computing there has been this fascination with programming computers to produce varied art forms. Articles appeared in Scientific American demonstrating what had been done in the various labs. They would encourage the readership to try their hand at programming to produce similar results. Ususally with help in the form of arcane alogarithms that were hard for the uninitiated to follow. At that time the computers available (intel 8088/86/87 chip speeds of 8 to 10 mghz) were incredibly slow, and fielded low resolution graphics. (The ibm EGA card was the most popular with a top screen reslution of a whopping 640 x 350.). The programs were mostly written in GWBasic, and drawing a two inch square image of the Mandelbrot set would take several hours; watched, the image would appear one painful pixel at a time. Pototyping any program was a total nightmare, since an age would have to pass before the writer could discover whether or not the program was effective. Time was measured in those days by every advance in the power of the intel chip, the 80286, the 80386 the 80486, and eventually the pentium series appeared. Each improvement was a magnificent release into an exciting new world. And as things like storage capacity, memory, compatibility, reliability also improved, night gradually filtered into day.

There yet remains a vast territory waiting to be explored, far larger than the miniscule ammount so far revealed...

This site is designated primarily to be a growing archive of advances in computer generated graphics. The specific field having to do with complex images generated using mathematical formulæ. It will comprise images, programs and any informative associated documentation. Other items archived here have more in common the with the fields of recreational mathematics and philosophy, they are included in as much they form part of the authors diverse spectrum of interests, and may well have some interest to those who visit this site.

The advent of the internet has liberated all from working along alone and in silence. Anyone, schooled or unschooled can publish their life's work, and find others of kind with an ease that is unprecendented in human history.


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